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Moonstone Healing

Moonstone is part of the feldspar mineral group. It is made of sodium potassium aluminum silicate and has a pearly opalescent look. Moonstone is translucent and comes in colors of white and grey but also orange, green, blue, pink, brown and rainbow.

Sometimes referred to as hecatolite, moonstone is an opalescent mineral that belongs to the feldspar group. Denizens of the ancient Roman and Greek empires prized moonstone specimens as they associated them with divine lunar energy. Pieces of moonstone jewelry from various points throughout history have been uncovered all over the world, and it is still used widely in the crafting of fine decorative items both for the home and the body.

Moonstone is said to increase our sensitivity to the Feminine Divine, to heighten intuition and open us up to our psychic gifts. It encourages hope and inspiration, allowing us to wish and aspire and flow in harmony with our dreams, and opens us to serendipity and synchronicity. Moonstone is also said to induce restful sleep, and aid in lucid dreaming.

Moonstone helps men become more in-tune with the feminine aspects of their nature, and stimulates the right side of the brain, to encourage nonlinear thinking and emotional balance.

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