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Apatite Healing

Apatite is partially made of the mineral that vertebrate animal’s bones come from. Three different minerals contribute to Apatite, calcium phosphate, fluorine, and chlorine. This type of rock is found in igneous and metamorphic formations in places with rich iron deposits—places like Brazil, India, Kenya, Norway, Canada, and the United States.

Apatite gets rid of the negativity that you feel about yourself and other people. It’s a useful tool for people with autism and hyperactive children. Apatite encourages peacefulness and clarity for people on the path to enlightenment. It also strengthens your intentions while meditating, which is necessary to connect with oneself.

Achieving your goals using Apatite won’t be hard since it’s a stone made for success. This stone also clears confusion and frustrations to allow you to quickly learn and accomplish things, making it ideal for anyone trying to advance their career.

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