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Jewellery Malta Handmade Jewellery Malta Handmade  Jewellery Malta Handmade  Jewellery Malta Handmade Jewellery Malta Handmade

Our storY

We love nature and its bounty of shapes and materials, especially the sea and the mountains, which are a constant source of inspiration.

Mandi & Alisdair

We are Mandali; Mandi and Alisdair. We have been designing and making our own unique handmade jewelry for the past 15 years in Malta. As all our creations are handmade, no two items are the same. We pride ourselves on creating custom-made pieces, tailored to the individual. 

our work

Mandy specialises in wire work, using semi-precious stones, natural beads and wire made from sterling silver, copper or gold, to create a wide range of pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Alisdair's expertise lies in silver work. He crafts beautiful rings and pendants without casting, using a variety of techniques like hammering, soldering, forging, and doming to create stunning one-off designs.

We pride ourselves on only using organic materials, making our products suitable for everyone, including those with extremely sensitive skin.


Follow us @mandalijewelry to check out our latest designs and creations.


Feel free to send us a direct message if you'd like to place an order or have any questions.

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