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If you would like to purchase an item that appears to be SOLD OUT, simply get in touch to request a custom order. Similarly, if you would like to design your own piece of jewelry, just send us a message and we will happily create it for you.

Custom-Make Your Pretty Gemstone Necklace

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Create your very own necklaces. Please select your stone and the type of chain you would like. We can make these in either bare copper, tarnish resistant copper, silver plated or sterling silver. 
Each Stone is natural, therefore unique in colour and shape.

Pretty clasps with assorted natural beads.

- Pendant size : approximatively 10mm

- Chain length 18"

Proprieties :

1. Red jasper : Courage and energy

2. Amazonite : Dispels negative energy

3. Howlite : Calming and strengthens memory

4. Dark blue imperial jasper : Healer of the heart

5. Rose quartz : Love and serenity

6. Turquoise : Stabilises moods and prevents panic attacks

7. Blue jasper : calming and encouraging

8. Amethyst : Enhances immune system and reduces headaches

9. Aventurine : anti-inflammatory and lowers cholesterol

10.Blue Amazonite : Dispels negative energy

11. Black Onyx : Encourages sensibility and clear thinking

12. Lapis Lazuli : stone of wisdom, intuition and truth

13. Black Obsidian : Decision Making and emotional Healing

14. Mookaite : brings peace and a feeling of wholeness

15. Tiger eye : Protection and confidence

You design it, we make it, you wear it !

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